Hey, Roger Scott here...

Over the past 60 days, because of the Precision Profits Elite system, I've issued winning trade alerts left and right to current members like…

40.29% on BBY in just ONE day…
35.71% on CTXS in just ONE day…
53.44% on V in just ONE day…
28% on CHGG in just two days…
54.58% on NTAP in just three days…
42.61% on BIDU in just five days…
37.63% on SNAP in just eight days…
35.71% on ADSK in just seven days…

In fact, out of the 10 issued trade alerts in November, 8 of them ended up being winners…

Disclaimer: The profits shown are not typical and do not guarantee future trade results

So here’s what I’ve done.

Since this service is so hot right now… I’ve been able to workout a special deal for you.

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Members have that opportunuty every single week...

And that’s what I want for you, too.

I want you get started right away, which is why I want to immediately send you my special guide:

The Elite Gameplan: How to slash your risk by 50%!

Inside you’ll have everything you need to get in on our next trade alert.

You’ll want to open it and take action right away because…

And in the past, my Precision Profits Elite has allowed us to see gains like:

112% on TLT

125% on NFLX

171.73% on AVB

195.50% on PYPL

230.22% on INTU

235.06% on FB

339.04% on AAPL

282.07% on APX

316.17% on LRCX

And dozens more…

And they all exploded right after I was signalled.

Meaning your money is never at risk in the markets for months on end…

That’s because we’re tapping into powerful trades that are begging for investors to pile in and send it to the moon.

It’s all thanks to a trading secret I call capital flows.

These are some of the fastest and safest opportunities that exist.

In fact, if we don’t see the CLEAR signals that my proprietary signal is a safe bet – we don’t even risk it.

You never have to take unnecessary risks because new trade alerts come along every single week!

That’s exactly why I created a brand-new service: Precision Profits Elite.

Every week I’ll send you around TWO Precision Profits Elite trade entries.

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We are talking about an opportunity that could change your life forever. Starting today.

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I want you to start that journey today. Right now.

Just to recap… Here’s everything you get when you become a member of Precision Profits Elite:

  • 104 Precision Profits Elite trades every year
  • Trade Alerts That Could Pay You 259%... 316%... Or Even 339% In As Little As A Week’s Time

  • The Elite Gameplan: How to slash your risk by 50%!
  • The Step By Step Guidelines To Maximizing Your Return In Every Trade, While Keeping A Low-Risk Tolerance

  • The Elite Resource Package
  • Seven Of My Personal Writings With Some Of My Best Kept Secrets On How To Score Triple Digits Options Gains On Your Own

  • Leverage Precision
  • The Complete Video Guide To Potentially 10X’ing Your Trade Gains With My Simple Leverage Tactics

  • BONUS: Access To My VIP Precision Profits Elite Trade Room
  • You’ll Be Able To Join My Team Four Times Per Week LIVE To Find NEW Trade Setups And BONUS Trades - If You Can’t Attend, No Worries, I’ll Still Be Sending You The Bonus Trades!

  • Private Members-Only Portal
  • Access To A Private Portal To Keep Track Of Our Precision Profits Elite Activity And Other Private Members-Only Perks

  • The Elite Alert Hotline
  • This is like a direct line to my team and the perfect place to get your most pressing membership questions answered right away

Obviously, this is a stacked offer. Which is what I wanted.

But I want it to be a no-brainer for you.

I’m sure I could sell this for $30,000 like some “masterminds” I’ve seen the “other guys” pitching…

But through this page only, you won’t pay $30,000… or $10,000…

You won’t even pay our retail rate of $10,000.

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Today, you and 498 other folks can have access to 104 Precision Profits Elite trades and all these bonuses for just $997.

And It All Comes With My Elite Guarantee:

If You Don’t Have The Potential To Earn Your Initial Investment Back Within 30 Days, You Can Call My Team And Ask For ANY Of My Other Elite Services And

They'll Switch Your Service!

Starting today, you’ll be able to trade with the strategy that could have given you the chance to turn $10,000 into over $1.83 Million in just 5 years!

One day you could look back and remember this moment as a truly life changing decision.

I can’t wait to see you inside.



Roger Scott

Founder: Precision Profits Elite

Refund Policy: Precision Profits Elite offers proprietary trading methods and time-sensitive materials based on current market conditions. It would be unfair to Roger Scott and our paid members for someone to receive current and profitable trade instructions and then quickly refund their fees. With the internet, it is possible for someone to commit this fraud repeatedly without consequence. As a result, we unfortunately cannot offer ANY refunds for this service. It simply wouldn’t be fair to our most ethical and best customers. Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to you becoming a Founding Member today!

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