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*Disclaimer: The profits and performance shown are not typical, we make no future earnings claims, and you may lose money.

And they all exploded within 24 hours of my Blitz Alert.

That’s because we’re tapping into powerful trades often placed by folks with a temporary information advantage.

It’s all thanks to a trading secret I call the Shadow Blitz.

They come from a combination of regulatory loopholes that many folks have no clue about…

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They’re why I worked with a professional programmer to help me develop a proprietary trading system…

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  • 104 Weekly Blitz Alerts
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  • BONUS #3: Weekly Market Blitz Videos.Stay on top of important activity in the broader markets as well as any explosive Blitz Alert stocks.
  • Private Members-Only Portal: Access to a private portal to keep track of our Weekly Blitz Alert activity and other private members-only perks.
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Lance Ippolito

The New Money Crew

*Disclaimer: The profits and past performance discussed above are based on real issued trades from our proprietary research and are intended for illustrative purposes only. While we have had massive success in the past with the Weekly Blitz Alerts strategy, we cannot guarantee any specific future results, as there is always a high degree of risk involved in trading. See our terms on the WealthPress homepage for more information.

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