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325% on CCL
925% on CIEN
843% on LULU
441% on JWN
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1110% on GES
14788% on BIIB
1135% on MAT
1360% on KHC
795% on SPLK

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It’s all thanks to a trading secret I call the Shadow Blitz.

They come from a combination of regulatory loopholes that most folks have no clue about…

But the SEC would simply refer to them as “unusual trades.”

I hired a team of world-class programmers to help me develop a proprietary trading system…

One specifically designed to isolate Shadow Blitzes and trigger “Blitz Alerts.”

These are some of the fastest and safest opportunities that exist.

In fact, if we don’t see the CLEAR signals that a Shadow Blitz is a safe bet – we don’t even risk it.

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You just have to act fast… There are only 199 spots available at our special rate today...

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Just to recap… Here’s everything you get when you become a member of Weekly Blitz Alert.

  • 104 Weekly Blitz Alerts - Even our weakest trade examples offered 4x winners. If you turned $1,000 into $4,000 every single week for 52 weeks, those trades would have a total value of: $208,000.
  • BONUS #1: The Blitz Playbook: How to collect $7,000 and slash your risk by 50%! Learn how to collect massive returns with half the risk inside this guide. (Value: $199)
  • BONUS #2: Blitz Alert Secrets: Revealed. This video series isn’t available anywhere else in the world, and shows the inner workings of my Blitz Alert system and strategy.
    (Value: $599)
  • BONUS #3: Weekly Market Blitz Videos. Stay on top of important activity in the broader markets as well as any explosive Blitz Alert stocks.
    (Value: $999)
  • BONUS #4: The 5 Stocks That Will Shape and Protect Your Financial Future. It’s important that as you are collecting Blitz Alert cash that you plan for your future. Invest in these 5 stocks to secure your retirement whether you are trading Blitz Alerts or not.
    (Value: $499)
  • TWO Tickets to Annual Blitz Alert Live Summit: I want to invite you to our annual meet and greets. This is a chance for you to get to know me and your fellow Weekly Blitz Alert members.
    (Value: $1,998)
  • Private Members-Only Portal: Access to a private portal to keep track of our Weekly Blitz Alert activity and other private members-only perks.
    (Value: $299)
  • Blitz Alert Hotline: This is like a direct line to my team and the perfect place to get your most pressing membership questions answered right away.
    (Value: $199)
Total Value of: $212,792!

Obviously, this is a stacked offer. Which is what I wanted.

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Guarantee Layer 2:

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Because this service is so affordable, I don’t think returning your subscription fee is really a bold enough promise.

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As a Weekly Blitz Alert member, you’ll receive 8 Blitz Alerts per month.

I guarantee that at least ONE of those trades will show you a chance to 5x your money…

Which is a safe bet considering our weakest trade examples still offered a shot at 4x gains!

Guarantee Layer 3:

If for any reason I fail on my first two guarantees... I’ll PAY for you to leave the Weekly Blitz Alert Service.

I want you to understand how serious I take my promises to you.

And to prove how serious I am - if I fail to deliver my first two guarantees, I will pay for you to abandon my service for another.

My publisher, WealthPress, works with amazing partners who are the best in their fields…

Including legendary systems trader Roger Scott...

Exotic currency expert Rob Booker...

And the highly connected publisher of The Midas Letter, James West.

If I fail to honor my first two guarantees at any point…

Even if I show you the chance at 5x gains for 11 months straight…

And for some reason I fail on the 12th month…

I will PAY for you to join any of their incredible research services.

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That’s how confident I am in the power of Blitz Alerts to deliver massive gains every single month.

Blitz Alerts require you move fast.

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Refund Policy: Blitz Alert offers proprietary trading methods and time-sensitive materials based on current market conditions. It would be unfair to our paid members for someone to receive current and profitable trade instructions and then quickly refund their fees. With the internet, it is possible for someone to commit this fraud repeatedly without consequence. As a result, we unfortunately cannot offer ANY refunds for this service. It simply wouldn’t be fair to our most ethical and best customers. Thanks for your understanding, and we look forward to you becoming a Founding Member today!

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